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Skate Shoes & Plimsolls

Cheap women's plimsolls and women's skate shoes offer casual, laid-back appeal without compromising on style or comfort. Simply slip on for speed and convenience, whether that's at home or for day wear out and about.

Plimsolls provide a snug fit with elasticated gussets on each side of the top of the foot allowing them to give when you walk. They should fit neatly without either sagging or being tight. Skip the zips and laces for easy wear that you can simply slip into and take off. The soft insole and sturdy soles mean women's slip on plimsolls are versatile enough to be worn outdoors and indoors, with flat soles making them a little sportier and easier to walk in for longer.

There are a range of colours and materials available so there's something for everyone to suit any occasion, whether that’s comfort at home or a little more flair for occasion wear. Additional detailing, such as glitter, zips or pom poms, keeps plimsolls up to date and on-trend. Go for bolder colours and a dash of sparkle for a more distinctive look, or neutral tones and straightforward designs to give your outfit a more understated appeal.

Take things up a step from trainers for a fashionable daytime alternative with plimsolls and skate shoes and keep the sportier, energetic edge. The chunkier sole on plimsolls adds a little height and keeps things stylish and youthful, while slip on skate shoes balance a more rugged edge with comfort. You needn’t break the bank to benefit from their casual chic, as these styles are affordable, practical and fashionable.