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Peep Toe Slippers

Cheap women's peep toe & open toe slippers are a must have item and the perfect footwear when relaxing around the home. There’s nothing nicer than getting home and kicking off those work shoes or high heels and giving your feet a chance to relax, but stocking feet or bare feet soon get cold and that’s where having a good pair of slippers becomes essential. They protect your feet from those sharp-edged items that the family conveniently leave lying around on the floor and they obviously keep your feet warm. But they can be so much more than just functional footwear.

We offer ladies the opportunity to treat themselves to the ultimate in slipper luxury with our range of classic women's open toe slippers. The perfect way to pamper your feet with a cosy, comfy and classy pair of open toe fluffy slippers at an incredibly affordable price.

Available in full sizes between a 3 and a 9, there’s a pair to suit your foot and a colour to please your personal tastes. All of these gorgeous mule style peep toe slippers are made from faux fur and decorated with a delicate side bow in the same colour as the slipper itself. From pretty pink and classy mocha, to sleek black and regal purple with several more shades on offer too, you can easily match these peep toe slippers to your current night and leisure wear.

These slippers are flat and easy to slip on, making them a great choice for no-fuss use. The peep toe design lets air circulate while the soft faux fur covering provides warmth; a perfect combination in slippers which are suitable for wearers of all ages.