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Orthopaedic & Diabetic Slippers

For comfortable, stylish and cheap orthopaedic & diabetic slippers for women, you've come to the right place. We stock extra comfort slippers for all needs, combining support and comfort with elegance and style.

A full range

We offer wide-fit slip-on style slippers, extra-warm booties, mule style women's diabetic slippers and more, in a full range of sizes. There are extra-wide fits to offer that touch of comfort and to make it easy to get your favourite pair on and off. Look out for our seasonal colours alongside classic favourites such as navy, burgundy and black.

Features to look for

You'll find a range of features on our orthopaedic slippers which are designed to give you real comfort and enjoyment when you wear each pair. For example, our booties have a slightly more generous opening than standard size slippers which makes them ideal for tired and slightly swollen feet.

Quality fabrics

Soft velvet uppers combined with memory foam soles will give you that wonderful comfort that makes our slippers a real luxury. Faux fur and fleece inners provide softness and warmth. Ideal for tired and swollen feet, the soft and warm fabrics will keep them cosy. You'll also find non-slip soles for added grip and stability when walking. Shop now for free UK delivery.

Our slippers are hardwearing and designed to look as good as they feel. They will make a great gift for a loved one - or for yourself! Keep up to date with our latest news, offers and footwear inspiration via our social media accounts and regular email.