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Wedge Sandals

When it comes to cheap women's wedge sandals, our range has something to suit everyone. With different styles and colours, from classic neutrals to playful brights, we have the right shoe for you. Sometimes wedges can be overly conspicuous and not everyone wants their shoe to take over their outfit, so our range aims to be less obvious while offering quality and comfort.

Women's low wedge sandals offer a practical option that is comfortable without trying too hard and we think they’re a must-have for every woman’s shoe repertoire. Team them with skirts or trousers - they’re flexible enough to complement any outfit - and they’ll work with all the seasons too if you think about it carefully and pair them with the right accessories.

Our range is affordable to suit all budgets, but we don’t compromise on quality. Whether you’re heading to work, shopping with friends, or sightseeing at the weekend, our comfortable, flat & mid wedge sandals will help you make the most of your day. The biggest decision might be which style to choose. Shop today with free UK delivery available.