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Safety Shoes & Work Boots

Safety shoes and work boots are essential in keeping your feet protected while on the job.

Our quality, affordable boots will keep you comfortable throughout the working day, while not compromising on safety features or style to suit your work environment. Our safety boots and shoes are built for comfort, protection and performance.

Wearing the correct safety boots is essential in keeping you safe and protecting you from the dangers of your job such as falling items. With adequate ankle support and impact resistant features, our collection of work boots will keep you protected against many common workplace risks.

Choose from our range of safety boots and work shoes in stylish and classic colours such as tan, brown and black, to suit your needs and your industry. With a variety of safety measures including strong laces, steel plated mid-soles and protective steel toe caps, these work boots are sure to cope exceptionally well with whatever your job throws at you.

Whether working on site, in industrial environments, or out on house calls, our collection of work boots and safety shoes will protect you while looking the part. Tough, durable, robust, yet warm and fashionable, our boots are made to last and built to work. Our work boots offer unparalleled quality, style and value.

With oil resistant properties and thick rubber soles, our range of safety boots ensure you remain safe in hazardous environments. Be prepared for anything in our men's safety shoes and work boots, which are designed to withstand your toughest days. Our boots will keep your feet dry and comfortable all day, no matter what the job may entail.